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Rider Rescue Dealer Program

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the Rider Rescue Roadside Assistance Dealer Program is specifically designed to help motorcycle and scooter dealers to increase their sales, profits and customer loyalty. Here's how:

Leveraging Roadside Assistance to Increase Sales

  • Give a Rider Rescue Roadside Assistance Membership as a Sales Incentive for purchasing a new or used bike from YOUR dealership.  Pricing is more affordable than you think and can be built into the MSRP as a standard customer service feature from your dealership.
  • Value-Added Sales Tool for Your salespeople. The Rider Rescue Program tells your customers that your dealership stands behind your bikes.
  • Roadside Assistance Provides Peace of Mind for Your Customers. Out of gas, flat tire, need a tow? Your customers will no longer need to worry since 24/7 roadside assistance is always just a toll free call away.
  • Commissions Paid to Participating Dealers. Commissions are paid to dealers for all memberships purchased on the dealer website or any walk-in customers that dealers encourage to sign up.

Increasing Dealer Profits on Maintenance, Repair and Service

  • “Tie back” Service Tows Bikes Back to YOUR Dealership: If one of your customers breaks down within the mileage benefit limit that you specify, your customers will have the option of being towed to YOUR dealership for their needed repairs and service.
  • Targeting Bikes That Urgently Need Maintenance and Repairs: If a customer recently broke down, chances are pretty good that customer will likely have other deferred maintenance that needs to be addressed.  Monthly Rider Rescue Breakdown Reports enable dealers to reach out to those customers in a timely manner.
  • Pre-Paid Maintenance and Service Contracts:  Does your dealership sell prepaid maintenance contracts? If so a Rider Rescue roadside assistance benefit is a valuable feature and incentive that can help dealers sell more prepaid maintenance contracts.

Increasing Customer Communication and Loyalty

  • Get That Valuable eMail Address: As a requirement for “giving” your customers a free roadside assistance membership, your salespeople can be more vigilant about always obtaining customer email addresses at the point of sale. Email is a valuable communication tool to get in touch with customers after they have had a tow or service call to ensure that ALL of their repair and maintenance needs were taken care of.
  • Being the Hero for Your Customers: Hopefully your customers will never have to use their free roadside assistance membership. But if they do, it is very likely that they will greatly appreciate the dealer that helped rescue them from the side of the road.

Sell Roadside Assistance on Your Website and to Existing Customers

  • Sell Rider Rescue Roadside Assistance to ANYONE that visits your dealership or website.
  • Generate commissions for each member that purchases or renews their Rider Rescue membership.
  • Tow Rider Rescue members back to YOUR dealership.


Rider Rescue Dealer Program

  • Provide roadside as a sales incentive
  • Increase maintenance & repair
  • Tows back to YOUR dealership
  • Generate commissions for new & renewing members

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Roadside Assistance Features

  • Towing back to originating dealer
  • 24/7/365 Toll Free Assistance
  • Gas/Fluid Service
  • Battery Service
  • Extricating & winching
  • Lost key/lock service
  • Lodging/rental car discounts

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